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Tr         Trae Dawn

                       Owner + Photographer

My passion for photography started at a young age. I can remember my Dad always using the camcorder, recording everything, and I thought it was so amazing that moments were saved in that way. I loved being in front of it, and couldn't wait to be behind the camera creating my own moments and being able to look at them later.


There were other pivotal moments that I can vividly recall. One of them was when my uncle, V, was getting into photography and took some black and white portraits of me. When he showed me the print I remember being mesmerized by the photograph. It wasn't because of the way I looked in the photo, but the way he was able to capture the emotion and the mood in one single shot. After that day, I was hooked.

Throughout the years I continued to love photography and practiced taking photos as much as I could. My parents nurtured my love for film and photography and bought me many cameras and camcorders when I was growing up. I can even remember setting up sheets (I called them backdrops -ha) in my parent's basement at eleven and twelve years old. I would get my siblings and cousins to be my models. When we were done I would be filled with so much excitement and anticipation I would run to my parents and ask them to get my film developed. It felt like it took forever to get those photos back. 

As soon as I graduated from high school I started to study everything I could about photography, which included film photography. I learned to develop film and process prints in a darkroom.  My passion for photography continued, as did the advancement of cameras and the mainstreaming of digital cameras. Learning about digital photography and design helped my photography skills grow in a way that I didn't realize was possible.  

I have worked full time as a photographer for over seventeen years. I have been internationally published and I also travel internationally for my clients. I specialize in wedding, engagement, models + entertainers, children, and families. 

Over the years my photography has evolved into a style all my own. I am very versatile and love many styles of photography, from warm boho to bright + contrasty. I strive to make each session unique to that person or group. My style has been described as fun, edgy, and unique. I spend most of my time in Cleveland, Florida, and Los Angeles, but I travel globally for my clients.

I am constantly being inspired by my husband + son. Their endless love and support have helped me become who I am today. 


Holding multiple degrees, including an Arts degree, psychology, and social work degrees, acting ethically + treating others with kindness is of high importance to me. Some of my other passions include helping others learn about the benefits of nutrient therapy, epigenetics, and psychotherapy.

Teaching and mentoring others in photography is something I do regularly, as well.

In my free time, I enjoy writing articles and have worked for several news outlets, newspapers, and magazines as a photojournalist.

More than anything else, my passion for helping people is what drives me to work hard and make an impact on other's lives.









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